Basic of Electrical Engineering and Basic Electrical Formulas

Basic of Electrical Engineering and Basic Electrical Formulas

Basic Electrical Formulas
In this post, You will get Basic Knowledge of Electrical Engineering and Basic Electrical Formulas that will help you in your study.

Basic of Electrical Engineering and Electrical Formulas

1 - Phasor

It is a Vector which Represent by its Magnitude and Direction. In Electrical We called Magnitude "Amplitude" and Direction Called "Phase Angle". Phase Angle may be Lead, Legg or in the same Phase.

There are two forms of Phase -

A- Rectangular Form
In This case, We Represent Phasor with Real and Imaginary Part. 

B- Poler Form
In This case, Phasor is Represent by its Magnitude and Phase Angle.

2 - A.C. Circuit

An A.C. Circuit is an Complex Circuit due to Presense of Imductance and Capistance. The A.C. Circuit have three Power (Apprent Power, Active Power and Reactive Power)

Type of A.C. Circuit -

A - Series Circuit

B - Parallal Circuit

3 - Impedance

It is the Equivalent Resistance of the A.C. Circuit. It is formed by Resistance and Reactance (Inductive or Capacitive).

4- Resonance

It is a Phenomena in which all the Complex Part of the Circuit is Disappeared.

  • At Resonance Imaginary Part will be Zero = 0
  • At Resonance A.C. Circuit Becomes D.C. Circuit.
  • The Power Factor for Resonance Circuit is Always Unity.

5 - Quality Factor

It is the Ratio of Reactance (Inductive or Capacitive) to the Resistance.

Q = Xl/R or Xc/R

6 - Voltage Magnification

It is the Ratio of Voltage Across Inductor or Capacitor to the Voltage Across Resistor.

V.M. = Vl/Vr or Vc/Vr

7 - Bandwidth

It is the Difference of two Cut Off Frequency.

B.W. = F2 - F1

8 - Cut-Off Frequency

It is that value of frequency at which the current becomes 1/√2 (.707) times of the Maximum Value or it is that value of Frequency where Power becomes 1/2 of the Maximum Value.

9 - Relation Between Bandwidth, Natural Frequency, and Quality Factor

Q = ω (Omega)/ Bandwidth

10 - Admittance

It is also the Complex part of A.C. Circuit it is formed by Conductance and Susceptance (S.I. Unit - Mho or Siemens).

Y = G + j B

It is Reciprocal of Impedance.

11 - Electric Charge

It is the Quantity Present in all the Material. It is Denoted by - Q

Q = Ne, Unit = Coulomb

12 - Electric Field Intensity

It is also a Force which is applied on the electric field on Unit Positive Charge.

E = F/Q

13 - Direction and Properties of Electric Field Lines

Direction - It's Direction away from Positive to Negative.

1- The Direction of Electric Field Line at any point on the Electric Field Lines is Obtained by Drawing a Tangent.

2- The Electric Lines Never Intersect to Each other because at Intersection Point there will be two directions of Electric Field Lines, which is Impossible.

3- The Electric Field Lines Never form a loop.

Basic Electrical Formulas

Basic Electrical Formulas

#Basic of Electrical Engineering
#Basic Electrical Formulas

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