Most Asked Objective Questions or MCQ on Magnetic Circuit for Electrical Engineering

Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ) on Magnetic Circuit for Electrical Engineering

MCQ on Magnetic Circuit for Electrical Engineering

1. An air gap is usually inserted in magnetic circuits to 
(a) increase m.m.f. 
(b) increase the flux 
(c) prevent saturation 
(d) none of the above 

Ans: c

2. Energy stored by a coil is doubled when its current is increased by percent. 
(a) 25 
(b) 50 
(d) 100 

Ans: c

3. The rate of rise of current through an inductive coil is maximum 
(a) at 63.2% of its maximum steady value 
(b) at the start of the current flow 
(c) after one time constant 
(d) near the final maximum value of current 

Ans: b

4. In a magnetic material hysteresis loss takes place primarily due to 
(a) rapid reversals of its magnetization 
(b) flux density lagging behind magnetizing force 
(c) molecular friction 
(d) it high retentivity 

Ans: d

5. The unit of retentivity is 
(a) weber 
(b) weber/sq. m 
(c) ampere turn/meter 
(d) ampere turn 

Ans: b

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6. Reciprocal of reluctance is 
(a) reluctivity 
(b) permeance 
(c) permeability 
(d) susceptibility 

Ans: b

7. A ferrite core has less eddy current loss than an iron core because 
(a) ferrites have high resistance 
(b) ferrites are magnetic 
(c) ferrites have low permeability 
(d) ferrites have high hysteresis 

Ans: a

8. Hysteresis loss least depends on 
(a) volume of material 
(b) frequency 
(c) steinmetz coefficient of material 
(d) ambient temperature 

Ans: d

9. Laminated cores, in electrical machines, are used to reduce 
(a) copper loss 
(b) eddy current loss 
(c) hysteresis loss 
(d) all of the above 

Ans: b

10. While comparing magnetic and electric circuits, the flux of magnetic circuit is compared with which parameter of electrical circuit ? 
(a) E.m.f. 
(b) Current 
(c) Current density 
(d) Conductivity 

Ans: b

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