All About Transformer in Electrical Engineering


Properties of Transformer - 

1 - Transformer is a Static Device which Transform Energy or Power in a Common Magnetic Circuit at Constant Frequency.

2 - The Winding used for Transformer is known as Concentrated Winding.

3 - The No Load Current lag the supply voltage about 75°.

4 - The No Load Power Factor for the Transformer is About 0.3 to 0.4

5 - A Transformer Transfer Energy in 2 Stage - 

1st Stage - Electrical Energy to Magnetic Energy
2nd Stage - Magnetic Energy to Electrical Energy

6 - The Volt-Amp Rating of any Transformer is Always Equal that is VA or KVA.

7 - Transformer Never operates from D.C. because for D.C. Supply Frequency = 0 and Due to low Winding Resistance there is Possibility to Generate High Current which Destroys the winding.

8 - The Efficiency of the Transformer is always taken in KW.

Type of Transformer According to Construction - 

There are two Types of Transformer According to Construction-

1 - Core Type
Core Type of Winding used for High voltage and Low current.

2 - Shell Type
Shell Type of winding used for Low voltage and High current.

Type of Transformer According to Voltage Level - 

According to Voltage level, There are three types of Transformer-

1 - Step Up Transformer
For Step Up Transformer, N2>N1, V2>V1 and I2<I1.

2 - Step Down Transformer
For Step Up Transformer, N2<N1, V2<V1 and I2>I1.

3 - Isolated Transformer
For Step Up Transformer, N2=N1, V2=V1 and I2=I1.

EMF Equation of Transformer -
E = 4.44ΦmFN
Φ = Flux, F = Frequency and N = Number of Turn in Secondary Side.

Turn Ratio for Transformer -
N1/N2 = V1/V2 = I2/I1

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