Magnetic Field Intensity - Unit and Formula

Magnetic Field Intensity

This post is all about Magnetic Field Intensity, its definition, unit, and formula.
Magnetic Field Intensity

Magnetic field intensity definition-

The MMF for unit length (along the path of magnetic flux) is defined as the magnetic field intensity and it is designated by the symbol H. The magnetic field intensity thus can be expressed as-

H = Magnetomotive force / Mean length of the magnetic path
i.e. H =F/l = NI/l (AT/ m.)

where l is the mean length of the magnetic circuit in meters. Magnetic field intensity is also termed as magnetising force or magnetic field strength.

Magnetic field intensity formula -

magnetic field intensity formula

Unit of magnetic field intensity -

Unit of magnetic field intensity is AT/m that is Ampere Turn/meter.

More Detail - Magnetic field Wikipedia



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