All About Breaking System in Electrical Motor

Breaking System in Electrical Motor

In Breaking we Generate Extra Torque which opposes the Motor Torque.

T = KΦIa

We can see T is Directly Proportional to Φ and Ia so If we want to change the Direction of Torque we need to change the Direction of Φ or Ia.

Type of Breaking in Electrical Motors-

1- Rheostatic/Dynamic Breaking
2- Plugging Breaking
3- Regenerative Breaking

1- Rheostatic/Dynamic Breaking - 

We use This type of Breaking by adding High Resistance in the circuit. In this type of breaking the total kinetic energy of motor is dissipated in the external high resistance.

Breaking System in Electrical Motor

This Method is not Suitable for high rating DC Motors (Maximum 10KW). The Kinetic energy of the rotor can not be utilized in this type of Breaking.

2- Plugging Method- 

In This Method, we interchanged any two-phase to change the direction of rotation. A two-way switch used to interchange the phase.

Breaking System in Electrical Motor

The Losses is Reduced which increased the efficiency of 3 - phase Induction Motor.

3- Regenerative Breaking-

In this type of Breaking the rotor speed first increases higher than synchronous speed such that the slip become negative (-ve) and torque also become negative (-ve).

The Regenerative breaking possible only when slip is negative (-ve) it means Induction motor works as a Induction Generator.

In Regenerative Breaking Power flow from load to source. This method is used for high rated machines specialy for Traction.

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